Leeds Diocesan News

Production of the Leeds Diocesan News has resumed with the start of 2021. However, due to the pandemic, production is currently in digital form only. At some point this year, it is hoped we shall return to our normal distribution of printed copies to parishes across the diocese.

Here you'll find copies of the "Leeds Diocesan News", a free four page full colour news leaflet available as a pdf download. Feel free to download and, if you wish, print out. Each month 27,000 copies are printed professionally, and distributed across the dioocese to around 37 drop-off points. Your church can order as many copies as you need, free of charge. You will need to choose from one of the drop-off points and assign someone (or a team) to regularly collect your own copies, on or after the delivery date, normally the middle of the previous month.

If you want an automatic reminder sent to your inbox every time the Leeds news magazine is published, click on "Subscribing to website content" below, and select "Diocese of Leeds news magazine and prayer diary subscription". 

"Where are our church's copies?" To find out where your church's copies are delivered too download the up to date Excel file of churches and delivery points here. 

Queries or requests for changes (for the following issue and beyond) re delivery points or numbers to Julie Milbourne.

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